PGR9: Christina Houghton – Performance Ecologies: The Art of Survival


Performance Ecologies: The Art of Survival

Performance Presentation for PhD confirmation of candidature (AUT University)

Christina Houghton

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This presentation explores my PhD practice-led participatory performance research that responds to notions of survival. It does so within the realms of ecological discourses surrounding the recently termed era of the Anthropocene —and investigates participatory performance as a way to develop a practice of minimal ethics in performance and everyday life. These scenes of performance encounters are designed around implications of survival technologies and their drills. The PhD practice locates its working environment materially within sitespecific, marine locales through notions of attention to everyday tasks, slowness and poetics. This research aims to develop Participatory performance eco-osophy as an accumulatory ethical methodology that pays attention to the care for bringing forth, living-with and being-with care — such concepts are mobilized with the support of eco-philosophy and geopolitical thinking enumerated on in this presentation. The presentation will begin with a performance work followed by a seminar.

When: Thursday 30th April 2015, 10am

Meeting place: Outside WM Building AUT 40 St Paul Street.

A Performance will start here and conclude with an Oral presentation of my PhD research in WG703.

Duration: 10:00—11:30am


Other Waters


Some Pics from Other Waters on the weekend. It was an amazing two and a bit days of conversation, performance, and weather – but there is more to come: (to quote Eu Jin) Hope to see you all next week for the final event in the Other Waters programme, a film screening evening, anchored by Ben Rivers’s Slow Action (UK, 2010), preceded by shorter works by Dorothy Cross (Ireland), Thomson & Craighead (UK), and Joe Hamilton (Australia). Next Wednesday Dec 10th, 6.30 pm, in WG126, level 1, Sir Paul Reeves Building, corner of Mayoral Drive and Governor Fitzroy Place. As part of his contribution to Other Waters, Nick Spratt will serve a drink that he has developed —- please arrive at 6.30 pm for the serving of the drink.



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Actions for Living

Christina Houghton- ACTIONS FOR LIVING


Actions for Living
Instructions for Eco-relational Activities by Urban Wanderers
Christina Houghton
St Paul St Gallery Three
39 Symonds Street (cnr Mount st and Symonds st)
August 12th – 15th
Tuesday – Friday
opening hours: 10:30am – 2pm
Daily guided activities and performance actions from 11am – 1pm each day.
Actions for Living is a performance exhibition that explores the micro-politics of eco-performance through one to one performance encounters and collective action. Spatial and temporal scales of time, heat and accumulation are investigated through eco-relational activities involving, somatic/survival tasks, film, sound, and performative survival gear. These ‘Actions for Living’ act as the productive agent of an ‘accumulative survival kit’ that explores connectivity and empathy in response to environmental uncertainty.
Arrive any time Tuesday – Friday between 11am and 1pm to participate or view. Email if you would like to book a one to one session
Bring your own story of survival and one item that you deem important for unknown adventures.
More activities tomorrow in Actions for Living

11:00 Survival Up-Cycling and Stories have merged together, its getting cosier.11:30 Temporal Warm up

11:45 – 1:00 Walk with me (one to one on going)

1:00 Tent chats

And feel free to breeze through and just have a look.




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Photos From Christina Houghton’s Actions For Living at ST Paul St Gallery Three

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