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Material Intra-actions 


Karen Barad’s 2003 Posthumanist Performativity: Toward an Understanding of How Matter Comes to Matter

+ an interview from 2012 Intra-active Entanglements

Thursday 24 March
10AM – 12PM


PGR9: Ziggy Lever – The Virtual Document: returning to places that shouldn’t exist

This Thursday the 14th May Ziggy Lever will present his PGR9 seminar at 2pm in WF711

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Driving down Scott rd. looking for weeds (2015)

This practice-led PhD engages with methods of collection, film, and installation practice as it investigates concepts of memory and perception, Referencing the philosophical methods of Henri Bergson and recognising his intuitive method as relative to my artistic method. This project will probe the tenuous relationship memory and perception has to reality, through the creation of artworks as time-based documents. This project draws on art historical references (time landscape, video art) as part of its cyclic process of documenting: fieldwork (en plein air), studio making, and writing. Bergson’s concept of multiplicity in relation to duration(s)–especially his model of contraction/relaxation (détente)[1]–bears relevance to the problem of how site is represented and remembered, accounting for the contingent disconnection of events.  In this regard, in order to think about site/place it is necessary  to understand the nature of temporal and spatial convergence across the ‘plane of matter’ as proposed by Bergson . Key to Bergson’s philosophy is dualism (time/space; subject/object; virtual/actual), which is reinstated in his project as a problem and tool, used to move beyond monistic and binary models and into the specific dimensions of the real. Through making, this project reflects on what it means to lose time–as if in a waking dream—or to distrust the relationship memory and perception have to virtual and actual states outside of the body.

[1] See the translator’s introduction in Bergsonism by Gilles Deleuze 1966, 10.

Knowing You’re Wrong

Knowing You’re Wrong - Lucy Meyle and Ziggy lever 
September 3-6
opens Wednesday 3rd at 5.30 

Knowing You’re Wrong – Lucy Meyle and Ziggy lever

September 3-6

opens Wednesday 3rd at 5.30

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