Reading Group:


Thursday 30th of August
12 midday to 1:30 PM
WE building level 3, between the PhD studios (see image below).

Chantel Mouffe’s Agonism

This reading group focuses on the work of Chantel Mouffe and her ideas that navigate artistic activism and agonistic spaces of shared cooperation. Mouffe’s essay Artistic Activism and Agonistic Spaces argues for the importance of critical artistic practices in public spaces that never seek consensus. She seeks out art that acknowledges radical antagonistic political differences that are unsustainable and unresolvable.

Please read the following text before coming to the reading group & RSVP to John Vea.

Mouffe, C. (2007). Artistic Activism and Agonistic Spaces. Art & Research: A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods, 1(2), 1–5.


Thursday 4th October
12 midday to 1:30 PM
WE building level 3, between the PhD studios

Reading Group: Lisbeth Lipari’s Ethics of Listening

Lisbeth Lipari’s 2014 Listening, Thinking, Being: Toward an Ethics of Attunement discusses philosopher Emmanuel Levinas’s notion of the face-to-face encounter with another as a meeting that must embrace difference. As such, we emphasise practices of listening that acknowledge difference and where encounters with participants are an ethical response to neighbours and strangers alike. Lipari terms this mode of being as “listening others to speech” and “listening otherwise” as she writes: “The listening,” in contrast to “the heard” is an enactment of responsibility made manifest through a posture of receptivity that can receive the other without assimilation or appropriation. “The listening” is a process of contraction, of stepping back, that creates a distance so that the other may come forward. In “the listening” I create a space to receive you, letting your speech enter me, flow through me (2014: 197-8).

There are two readings to look at before coming to the reading group. Please RSVP to John Vea and he will send you the readings.

– pages 175 – 204 from Lipari, Lisbeth. (2014). Listening, Thinking, Being: Toward an Ethics of Attunement. Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University press. This section is called “Listening Others to Speech”.


– “Listening Others” from On Listening ed. Angus Carlyle & Cathy Lane. This is a super short essay that gives an intro to the topic/ideas.+


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